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The influence of personal characteristics of a journalist on working with the information. Luchioli Titian, journalist (2011), St. Petersburg State University

The work aims at studying the features of modern journalism and the effects of media influence. An experiment was conducted in which journalists wrote news texts with different emotional color, based on the same report. Readers were invited to select the text, that best reflects the reality …

Young people’s orientations regarding to work in the light of the employment problems in Europe. Filipetti Alessandro, entrepreneur (2011) St. Petersburg State University

Subjective factors that lead young people to regard the situation with employment and professional activities as hopeless are explored in the research paper.

Entrepreneurs’ views on ethics in business. Alex Luft, entrepreneur (Russia, 2010) St. Petersburg State University

The purpose of research is to study the characteristics of entrepreneurs` ethical choices in relation to their personal characteristics. he basis of the empirical studies conducted is the following speculative assumption: in situations of moral choice entrepreneurs are more likely to be guided by their own "frame of reference", internal, not external criteria. Focus on "business interests" and their own vision of the situation will be more important decision-making factors for entrepreneurs than external rules and regulations. The presence of solid ethical business views on entrepreneurship is connected with their more positive personality characteristics (resilience and values).

Psychological and biographical correlates of responsibility. Alex Karmolin, investment officer, the owner of the company (Russia, 2010) St. Petersburg State University

The aim of the research was to study the connection of personal responsibility and success in business with personal and biographical features of a person. The study consisted of a pilot and a basic part.

In the pilot study there were 11 people from 29 to 41 years old, with average age 36, including 4 women and 7 men. Two subjects are senior executives, and the rest are business owners. Among the participants in the main study there were 49 people, men and women, all currently living in Tyumen and Tyumen region, all have higher education.

Professional career: psychological coordinates. Marina Goryaeva (Master's thesis, Russia, 2009) St. Petersburg State University

"With what does a person come into this world, what does he create in it and what does he leave passing away?" - This question has always excited scientists seeking to understand the person, first of all, philosophers and psychologists. S. Rubinstein believes that "the answers to these questions, in fact, determine the coordinates of human life."

Perceptual experience of art as a life event Kharitonova Tatiana, psychologist (Master's thesis, Russia, 2010) St. Petersburg State University

We have attempted to study the perceptual experience of art as existential and being immediately given in experience at the same time. The use of the phenomenological approach has allowed us to see experiencing the moment of perception by each subject as a given, and the use of methods of observation and measurement has allowed us to capture this reality. The general hypothesis of our research: the perceptual experience of works of art provokes organismic reaction and is a life event, depending on the individual characteristics of the subject and the object’s of perception influence.

Our study involved 40 people who went with us through the halls of the museum and watched six works of art we selected.

The use of cinematic images in the practice of psychological work. Julia Pikalova, Counseling Psychology (Master's thesis, Russia, 2009) St. Petersburg State University

The purpose of this study is to explore the use of cinematic images in psychological practice. Subject of the research is cinematic images, free association, subjective perception and interpretation of movies’ images. The study has found a statistically significant relationship between personal life situation (presence of past experience in the interpretative representations) and the emotions of grief, fear and resentment. These data suggests fixation of negative emotions in certain situations, and in the perception of certain images, this situation will start along with negative emotions - grief, fear or resentment.

Lifestyle changes as a factor of improving mental and physical health (for example, patients with functional disorders of the spine). Daminato Simonetta (Italy, 2008) St. Petersburg State University

In this paper, first of all we would like to focus on the psychological component of successful rehabilitation of patients suffering from back pain, and the need for responsible change of patients’ own lifestyle to improve their quality of life. The subject of this study is the relationship between lifestyle and functionality of the spine, and how lifestyle changes can cause changes in the functionality of the spine, and thus lead to a pain decrease and improvement of the living standards.

The influence of personal characteristics of a journalist on specificity of a news text. Elena Myachina, journalist (Ukraine, 2008), St. Petersburg State University

The aim of the study was to investigate the individual psychological characteristics of a person, and the mediating influence on the character of the journalistic text. The general hypothesis of the study was the assumption that the individual psychological characteristics of news journalists’ personalities are indirectly manifested in the characteristic features of the texts they create.

Psychological features of the experience of the economic crisis. Nadezhda Perevalova, Entrepreneur (Russia, 2009) St. Petersburg State University

The aim of this work is to identify the psychological differences between ordinary workers and specialists in the experience of the situation of social - economic crisis, as well as the definition of psychological factors that allow an employee to successfully adapt to a situation of crisis, manifested in professional activities.