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Moral and Ethical Conceptions of Entrepreneurs: Cross-cultural Aspects. Dmitrieva Victoria, Lyutikova Elena // Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 86, 10 October 2013

With globalization and free competition, entrepreneurship requires its subjects to develop specific personality traits, providing proactive life stance in society. Ethical Psychology, applied to entrepreneurship can provide practical guidance for solving business problems. The current understanding of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, based on humanistic views, sees it as a wide range of ways of self-realization, and not just profit. In the study we conducted cross-cultural analysis of the features of moral choice, values of entrepreneurs on Russian, Italian and Brazilian sample.

Journal «Alma mater» (Journal of Higher Education), Special Issue "Meneghetti Award - 2012", 2012 // Special Issue «Alma mater» (Journal of Higher Education) ISSN 1026-955h, 2012

The best works submitted for the competition, "Meneghetti Award - 2012" were published in the special issue of the journal «Alma mater» (Journal of Higher Education.) The issue includes the works of young scientists - the award winners, as well as the articles marked by an international jury. Competition results showed that the researches of young scientists are complex, but they share a common understanding of the concept of comprehensive modern world, rapidly changing under the influence of socio-cultural, economic, political and technological factors.

From pathology to creativity: a clear border of psychology. F. Barron, A. Matjushkin, A. Meneghetti. Frank Barron, Alex Matjushkin, Antonio Meneghetti // Ontopsicologia: La causalità psichica nell'evento umano / Rivista trimestrale - numero 4, ottobre 1987

Intensive discussions on the issues of creativity were held from 1 to 15 June 1987 in a small medieval town Lizori in northern Umbria. Among the participants were Frank Barron (Professor of Psychology, University of California Santa Cruz, director of the Barron Center for Applied Creativity, USA), A.M. Matyushkin  (Director of the Institute of General and Educational Psychology of the USSR) and prof. A. Meneghetti, the founder of ontopsychology. This is what the participants said immediately after its completion, performing in front of hundreds of people who came to Lizori.

Corporeality as an instrument of creativity. Kharlova Christina Stanislovovna // International scientific conference of young scientists "Psychology XXI Century" April 21-23, 2011. St. Petersburg / under scientific editorship of O.Y. Shchelkovoy - St.: Publishing House of St. Petersburg. University Press, 2011.

Today, most scientists whose focus on a man, share the opinion that there is no dichotomy of the body - mind. A man, by nature, is the indivisible unity of body and mind. Despite the fact that most people nurture only one aspect (for example, only the body, playing sports, or just the mind, exercising their intellect), to achieve self-fulfillment in every area of existence it is necessary to develop a unified psychophysical reality in an integral and harmonious way.

Moral and ethical views of entrepreneurs: Cross-cultural aspects. V.A. Dmitrieva, E.A.Lyutikova // Science of the V Congress of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Psychological Society," Volume II, 2012

Series of our research on the entrepreneurs’ perception of the morality in business provided evidence of the value-motivational aspects and moral precepts of modern entrepreneurs.

Art? - Yes, if it is the art of living. A.Menegetti // "Values and meanings" № 6 (15), 2011

This article examines the state of contemporary art in terms of development of society, its importance and humanistic function of art. The author focuses on the metaphysical reading of the artist's works, on the perception of art, which makes it possible to experience the moment of pure transcendence. As a result the author makes a conclusion about the importance of updating the art world, appealing to human values, and creativity on the sound basis of human existence.

Political science notes in the margins of "Psychosomatic". A. Meneghetti // Experience of interdisciplinarity. Olga Tynianova / / "Values and Meanings» № 2/2011

The article states the author's position on the relation and mutual influence of the contribution to the people’s health, their goal-setting and the socio-political realities.

Forms of "I" behaviour in situations of pathology. Antonio Meneghetti // "Values and meanings" № 2 (11), 2011

Understanding, which is establishing the exact etiology of symptoms, is not difficult. The problem lies in how to communicate it to the patient, because he may or may not agree with it, may or may not decide to recover. Consequently, the "bottleneck" is not the method used, but the free will of the client ....

The relevance of psychological counseling for women entrepreneurs. Rozhdestvenskaya N.N. // Contemporary social psychology: theoretical approaches and applied research. № 3 (12), July - September 2011

This paper deals with counseling and psychological characteristics of women entrepreneurs, gender specific counseling is highlighted. Keywords:leadership and guidance, gender psychology, counseling, female leaders` role behavior.

Ontopsychological approach to Psychosomatics: A view on women's issues. V.V. Odintsova // Preventive and Clinical Medicine, № 2 Volume II (39), 2011

In the past there was a tendency to look for a linear relationship between cause and disease (as was postulated by Koch in 1882), now multifactorial nature of most diseases with typical risk factors is considered, the biopsychosocial model. Gender differences related to both biological (e.g., hormonal) or psychological (social roles, especially socialization) differences determine the specificity of women's psychosomatic diseases (Kaplan, Sedok, 1998).