The Slavic Association of Ontopsychology Activities

Accreditation of professionals in the field of Ontopsychology
Certification and licensing of organizations and individuals, who are carrying out consulting, educational and other activity in the Russian Federation and CIS countries using knowledge and methods of ontopsychology;

Scientific activities
Support and assistance in organizing, carrying out and improving scientific researches in the field of psychology and ontopsychology;

Consulting activities
In the Russian Federation and CIS countries territory consultations with methods of ontopsychology are conducted by the experts, accredited by Slavic ontopsychology association;

Public activities
Assistance in establishment and support of educational structures; grants and scholarships for education of students and young specialists, for
support and development of scientific researches in different fields of human knowledge, as well as for the international internships and participation in scientific congresses and conferences; monitoring of creation and development of ecobiological projects - international humanistic educational centers;

Academic activities
Providing theoretical and practical methodological basis of ontopsychological knowledge; undertaking for high-quality educational process in the field of ontopsychology; training and forming professionals in the field of ontopsychology; development and maintenance of communications with the international academic community in the field of applied and educational activity; sharing of experience and knowledge with professional psychological community;

Publishing books and scientific works as well as supplementary literature on Ontopsychology;

Organization and assistance of seminars, conferences and international congresses
Organization, promoting and support of educational, scientific and cultural activities in the world – from conferences, seminars and scientific discussions to projects in the modern art field.

The Slavic ontopsychology association keeps in touch with the International Ontopsychology Association (Rome, Italy), Brazilian Ontopsychology Association (Recanto Maestro, Brazil),  The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation (Lugano, Switzerland), International consulting group FOIL (Russia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine),  The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia),  St. Petersburg State University (St.Petersburg, Russia), and oversees the development of ecobiological projects in Russia and the CIS countries..