What is Ontopsychology

Ontopsychology (Psychology of Being) - is a modern direction of scientific psychology that emerged in the 70-s of the twentieth century as a result of the development of actual at the time scientific knowledge, proven experience of many years (about 40 years) in clinical practice in the field of  psychology.

Ontopsychology - from the Greek. ὄντος [ontos], the genitive case of the present participle of the verb ἐιμί [eimi] (be), λόγος [logos] (study) and ψυχή [psyche] (Soul) - means the study of mental processes in their primary relevance, including an understanding of life, the study of psychology in the coordinates of reality, or intentional action or activity-life-being. It is about to come out of the real anthropological fact and not of culture or human reasoning.

Ontopsychology analyzes a man as the existential and historical fact, the subject of its study is the psychic structure and its inherent logic.

Ontopsychology continues and develops the tradition of Freud's psychoanalytic direction , humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, R. May's, Maslow, anthropological approach of B.G. Ananiev and philosophy of Husserl, Heidegger, and many others. Through their own discoveries (ontic In-se, semantic field, monitor deviations), methods and tools, ontopsychology separated as an independent scientific discipline, which has been actively and successfully developing in recent years.

Considering person holistically, using an integrated approach to the study of identity, ontopsychology explores deep causes of mental activity, including ontological aspects of human existence. Goals and objectives of the study - are to promote the development of human creativity, its leadership principle, pro-active attitude to life.

Ontopsychology’s scope of application covers virtually all of the activities and work of a man: science, education, economics and medicine, psychology, leadership and management, politics, sociology, art and more.

Educational programs, conferences and other events on ontopsychology are held annually in different countries. Since 1973 more than 20 scientific conferences have been conducted, including the ones  under the aegis of UNESCO and the UN.

In Russia and Ukraine scientific, educational and cultural activities in the field of ontopsychology are overseen by the Slavic Association of Ontopsychology.

In 1998 the Psychology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University started  the educational program of  retraining in "Ontopsychology" and in 2004 the Division of Ontopsychology was opened.Training is provided for students from Russia, Europe, Latin America and CIS countries.

Consulting group Foil is engaged in applying ontopsychology to the problems of business and management, being a partner of the Slavic Association of Ontopsychology.

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