Psychological factors of evaluation of woman’s appearance. Satti Chantal (Italy, 2005) St. Petersburg State University

The subject of this research is the perception and evaluation of a woman’s appearance from an aesthetic point of view, which means how to be outwardly identical to oneself and how to present one’s own identity outside. One of the key hypotheses of the study was the following - psychological assessment factors interrelated with the cultural level of the subject, that is, the higher the level of culture of women, the greater her vitality and the better her mood is, the greater her ability to accurately evaluate the images.

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25th Summer Session of Ontopsychology

14 August 2012 / Trevi, Italy
On August, 14th, The XXV Summer Session of Ontopsychology was finished. The session has been held under the patronage of the Presidency of Italian Republic,...

The program of professional retraining in ontopsychology at the St. Petersburg State University

2011/2012 Academic Year of the program of professional retraining in ontopsychology at the St. Petersburg State University.


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