Using ontopsychology in training of lawyers. Dato di Rosa (Italy, 2006), St. Petersburg State University

The aim of this work was to verify whether it is possible by means of training courses to teach young lawyers the greater relative perception of their profession and social reality, and reveal to them a new approach to law, understood as the essence of the order.

The subject of the study was the change in the psychology and outlook of young lawyers in the result of the training course, as well as psychological and philosophical differences between young lawyers and experienced ones. The course, based on ontopsychological theory, had to convince young lawyers that the concept of law is closely linked to the understanding of themselves: self-knowledge can build a new world, which helps to apply the law correctly.

EVENTS of ontopsychological school

25th Summer Session of Ontopsychology

14 August 2012 / Trevi, Italy
On August, 14th, The XXV Summer Session of Ontopsychology was finished. The session has been held under the patronage of the Presidency of Italian Republic,...

Antonio Meneghetti about crisis of modern pedagogics at the conference in UNESCO

«Young people run into laziness, passivity, they have no reaction, and they don't make an efforts. This laziness leads to a frustration, which further results in aggression and shifts into depression...»


All programs are certificated and tested to obtain public accreditation. After graduating students are awarded by Professional Graduate Diploma in Ontopsychology in Russian and English languages.

“Ontopsychology Handbook”

Handbook provides a holistic understanding of Ontopsychology as a modern scientific field of psychology, continuing existential-humanistic tradition. Readers will learn about the history of the emergence of Ontopsychology, scientific institutions, discoveries, methods, tools, as well as its applications.