Ontopsychological approach in training social workers to work with teenagers. Antonella Ferrara (Italy, 2005) St. Petersburg State University

In our work we have tried to focus on the role of an adult determined to become a teacher. This problem affects mainly the analysis of forms and methods of training of social workers. I should add that these problems concern social workers of both public and private entities. The subject of study is the impact of the training course on the professional competence of teachers.

EVENTS of ontopsychological school

25th Summer Session of Ontopsychology

14 August 2012 / Trevi, Italy
On August, 14th, The XXV Summer Session of Ontopsychology was finished. The session has been held under the patronage of the Presidency of Italian Republic,...

Seminar «Medicine and Ontopsychology». Clinical picture of neuroses, Yekaterinburg. 1994

On March, 16 to 20, in Sverdlovsk regional clinic of neuroses A. Meneghetti's seminar «Medicine and an Ontopsychology» took place. The seminar was organized as a continuation of the first visit of Meneghetti in 1992, when ontopsychological method was presented...


All programs are certificated and tested to obtain public accreditation. After graduating students are awarded by Professional Graduate Diploma in Ontopsychology in Russian and English languages.

“Ontopsychology Handbook”

Handbook provides a holistic understanding of Ontopsychology as a modern scientific field of psychology, continuing existential-humanistic tradition. Readers will learn about the history of the emergence of Ontopsychology, scientific institutions, discoveries, methods, tools, as well as its applications.