Psychic determinism "superego" in decision making. Paolo Garcia, historian (Italy, 2008) St. Petersburg State University

The subject of our attention is the conditionality of social activists influenced by the "super-ego." In our study, we propose to analyze how a set of stereotypes existing in society ("super-ego") forces the researcher to turn to the average experience of the past, a memory trace, even when he is forced to operate within a larger social system, being incorporated into highly responsible tasks in a particular sector - in medicine, law, psychology, economics, art, etc.

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25th Summer Session of Ontopsychology

14 August 2012 / Trevi, Italy
On August, 14th, The XXV Summer Session of Ontopsychology was finished. The session has been held under the patronage of the Presidency of Italian Republic,...

What is ontopsychology?

«… I found that not so much the human nature is limited or wrong, as indirectapproach of understandinga reality which we use. Not our intellect is mistaken, but our mind. Obviously, that before this discovery I had studied everything in science that had...


All programs are certificated and tested to obtain public accreditation. After graduating students are awarded by Professional Graduate Diploma in Ontopsychology in Russian and English languages.

“Ontopsychology Handbook”

Handbook provides a holistic understanding of Ontopsychology as a modern scientific field of psychology, continuing existential-humanistic tradition. Readers will learn about the history of the emergence of Ontopsychology, scientific institutions, discoveries, methods, tools, as well as its applications.