Psychological factors of intuition (on the example of the attribution of personal qualities). Fattakhova Alina, Marketing (Master's thesis, Russia, 2006), St. Petersburg State University

In this study we investigated the psychological and socio-demographic factors influencing the manifestation of intuition. The paper put forward the following hypotheses: 1) the manifestations of intuition are individually variative and depend on the socio-demographic and psychological factors 2)internality-externality factor affects the manifestation of intuition. Externalities attributing responsibility for their lives to external circumstances, have more developed intuition 3) the level of intuition development is associated with the level of human empathy 4) the more objectively a person assesses himself (the more "accurate" he is in terms of ontopsychology), the more he uses intuition in everyday life, and 5) an intuitive person is more successful in his life, more satisfied with his life.

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